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In January 2019, the largest dump of login data – now known as Collection #1 - #5, was released into the dark web. Analyzing just the passwords revealed patterns of human behavior in how we create character keys that fulfil security requirements. And even if you come up with an approved password, how unique is your combination really?

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By Sabine Devins & Sebastian Vollnhals
The size of each letter indicates the frequency in which this character appears in the list of passwords. Lower-case letters at the top is what we expect to see.
We limited the dataset for our visualizations to 3-letter passwords and up to 31-letter passwords.
The saturation of color represents how frequently a feature appears.
Most sites advise people to create a password containing at least one capital letter.
The heat map of passwords that contain numbers is a near opposite of the previous one showing the positioning of lower case letters.
Add excitement to your password with an ! at the end! Or you can always ca$h in on the possibilities that special characters offer you.


Art Direction:
Kwame Charles
Daniela Scharffenberg
Sebastian Vollnhals, Sabine Devins
Sabine Devins