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Higher, bigger, wider

National honor, religious devotion or patriotic salute have driven people to build monuments and statues around the world dedicated to idols. Size definitely matters.

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By Jakub Chrobok

The Little Mermaid

Denmark, 1913

Michelangelo’s David

Italy, 1504

Goddess of Victory

Germany, 1873

Soviet War Memorial

Germany, 1949

Christ the Redeemer

Brazil, 1931

Mount Rushmore

USA, 1941

Jesus Christ the King

Poland, 2010

Statue of Liberty

USA, 1886

African Renaissance Monument

Senegal, 2010

Emperors Yan and Huang

China, 2007
*estimate, excluding stairs

Motherland Monument

Ukraine, 1981

The Motherland Calls

Russia, 1967

Great Buddha of Thailand

Thailand, 2008

Peter the Great

Russia, 1997

Sendai Daikannon

Japan, 1991

Birth of the New World

Puerto Rico, 2016

Laykyun Setkyar

Myanmar, 2008

Spring Temple Buddha

2008, China

Statue of Unity

India, 2018