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The Odyssey of Homer

»The Simpsons« has been breaking television ground since its debut in 1989. Since the world first met Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, the show has become a chart-topping success story unlike any other franchise in history.

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By Henning Trenkamp & Gorm Labenz

The Bartchart

Since its 1989 debut, »The Simpsons« has successfully bridged generations – making it a mass market success. Since the world first met Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, the show tops charts, collects trophies and keeps fans giggling while its creators laugh all the way to the bank.

But after 30 years and 30 seasons, the ratings have taken a hit as the number of "grown-up oriented" cartoons has grown.

The Simpsons as pioneers

Since launching as an animated short in 1989, »The Simpsons« have dominated TV rankings, topped musical charts and turned yellow into box office gold.

The Simpsons as sales people

»The Simpsons« are taking their recognition and taking it to the bank. The citizens of Springfield have promoted everything from soft drinks to computer chips to credit cards to cars. “It is without doubt the biggest licensing entity that Fox has had, full stop, I would say from either TV or film,” says Peter Byrne, Fox’s executive vice president of licensing and merchandising.

Facebook likes

»The Simpsons« has rounded 63 million Facebook likes – a clear sign of its global reach. It far outpaces its peers in social media attention. Family Guy falls short with 47 million likes, while South Park and Futurama trail with 43 million and 26 million likes respectively.

Wikipedia links

»The Simpsons« also reigns as one of the most connected pages on Wikipedia.org – and that’s not counting the number of fan-generated wikis dedicated to the show. People can read about Homer and co. in 129 languages on Wikipedia alone.

Twitter followers

But when it comes to Twitter, »South Park« holds the title, but maybe Matt Groening was never big on the little blue bird – his other show, Futurama, doesn’t even have a Twitter profile.

Adding up

Ratings, awards, records – »The Simpsons« has them all. This graphic was up to date as of July 2019.